Machine description


TS72 CNC cutting line can be used for cutting four different programed lenght on the same pipe.

After cutting off there are 4 different positions of puting down the cutted piece. The machine is able to put pipes into special transport pallet.

All corrections are computer controlled as well as working cycle, which begin with reservoir, pipe selection, cutting and unloading.

Machine process is from 8 mm to 102 mm with max lenght of cutting piece 4500 mm.

Main features:

  • Ensuring best optimization of material for 4 different lenght from one pipe.
  • Automatic and precise planning, not depended on capability of managing person
  • Programing with TS72 for managing person selects optimal working parameters for the best machine efficency , from verified data base which combine process tehnology.
  • The cutting head has low level of noise and best cut quality
  • Shanks are made by the order. They´re adjusted for thin walled or thick walled pipes.
  • Between the process the pipe is a bit lifted from the process table and shank so that damages and scratchs are avoided.