Laser cutting of pipes

Avoid cutting pipes, drilling holes, milling and deburring. We have modern technological solutions that enable rapid and accurate manufacture of products.

LT FIBER is the new system of the Lasertube family specifically designed and developed for cutting tubes of any section, with the fiber laser source.

The new technology of the fiber laser offers significant advantages in terms of a wider range of materials that can be processed -  among them also high-reflective materials such as copper and brass; aluminium and galvanized iron become also easy to cut. A considerable productivity increase is obtained on small thicknesses of stainless steel.




  • power 2KW
  • Max. product Length 5910 mm
  • Max. diameter round tube 140 mm
  • Max. diameter of square tube 120 mm
  • Very good use
  • High quality
  • Cutting pipes of all materials (steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum tubing)
  • 100% reproducibility of the product
  • Technology suitable for large series as individual products




LT FIBER laser cutting system characterized by the following features:

  • fully automatic and programmable set-up
  • fully automatic changeover in just 3 minutes
  • optimized fiber laser technological database
  • easy and quick programming through Artube CAD/CAM also for not-experienced operators
  • bar management in automatic cycle from bundle, singularization, measure, cutting to orderly unloading.
  • final scrap reduction
  • The programming software Artube is a three-dimensional, parametric, Artube CAD-CAM package specifically designed, developed and dedicated for tube applications, that amplifies the potential productivity of the machine.
  • unloading and support system for cut pieces in lengths of 4500mm


The first machine for the laser cutting of tubes equipped with fiber source, suitable for highly-reflective materials, that guarantees a considerable productivity increase and, at the same time, strong reductions of operation costs.

The significant reduction in power consumption, thanks to the high efficiency of the source, the superior cutting speeds for certain metals, the reduced service and maintenance costs thanks also to the simplified optical path, plus the capability to cut high-reflective materials such as brass, copper and aluminium.

The fiber laser provides a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency when compared to the more traditional CO2 resonator, leading to as much as a 50% reduction in the hourly operating cost.


Materials thickness
Stainless steel = 5 m
Mild steel = 8 mm
Aluminium = 6 mm
Brass = 5 mm
Copper = 3 mm



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